Hello! Welcome to my site! i have had a lasting fasination for raccoons, and dragons. despite the title, you can adopt much more then those! the pics are credited to many thousands of sites, and my self. your free to use them, but please credit me. if you wish to contact me, i have numerouse acounts on other sites, like RateMyDrawings ratemyanimations, too, Aniboom.com, Youtube Etc. my user names are 1. sasukeluver101, 2. sasukeluverRMD, 3. sasuluvRMD. and my name for Ratemyanimations would be Sasukeluver101 as well. my other site is gardianangels.com but its not running at the moment! 



**thx to all the many sites who helped with images!! especialy PhotoBucket!!**

Dragons. Raccoons. Angels.

Dragons, racoons, and angels will be frequently featured on this site! along with many other animals and fantasy creatures. I love the Warriors books, and i will try to paste some pics for you other lovers of warriors! Now for the instructions for the adoptable pets! choose one, right click on the image, and save for use. use the name and description provided of make up your own, but plz mention u got it here please, or else i might have to disable right-clicking!
(so srry about the condition of this site. im very new at this...)




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